Company history

  • 1905 formation of the company Wirth as a metal working factory in Kierspe
  • 1954 supplier of automobile industry
  • 1956 beginning of in-house surface finishing
  • 1960 supplying petrol and radiator caps, filler necks, as well as bicycle parts as a programme of its own
  • 1961 expansion of automotive activities
  • 1995 expansion and foundation of CAWi Pressing Technology GmbH in Schwarzenberg (Saxony)
  • 1996 foundation of the CAWi Surface Finishing GmbH
  • 2002 further expansion due to investment in bigger punching machines and hydraulic draw presses with up to 800 t of pressing force
  • 2004 extension of the vertical integration by using welding robots and the accompanying possibility of manufacturing assembly
  • 2008 expansion of the production areas in Schwarzenberg
  • 2010 expansion and foundation of the ASC-CAWi Cold and Forming Technology GmbH in Neuenrade                    
CAWi Historie
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